Pacific Academy of Music


In Hilo, on the Island of Hawai'i, you will find the Pacific Academy of Music, a private music school. We started the Academy in 1990 and have been teaching music to hundreds of children and adults. We teach piano to children 4-8 years of age using the Suzuki method and also to children ages 9 and up and adults using the traditional method. Clarinet, flute, saxophone, voice, violin, classical guitar and beginning ukelele lessons are now also available starting August 2014.

For more information call (808) 935-5855 or


     “Our life is worth living only if we love one another and comfort one another. I searched for the meaning of art in music, and it was through music that I found my work and my purpose in life. Once art to me was something far off, unfathomable and unattainable. ...But I discovered that the real essence of art was not something high up and far off. It was right inside my ordinary daily self. the very way one greets people and expresses oneself is art. If a musician wants to become a fine artist, he must first become a finer person. If he does this, his worth will appear. It will appear in everything he does, even in what he writes. Art is not in some far-off place. A work of art is the expression of a person's whole personalty, sensibility and ability.”

                                        Shinichi Suzuki, Nurtured by Love


Luke Hamano at the age of 7, playing his Book I recital at PAM.

                                 Congratualations, Luke!